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It's Your Choice

Extensive Therapy or playing sports Now because of this herbal remedy! Now in a larger tube for the same price!

Try this Amazing Herbal gel to enhance the healing of soft-tissue damage.

  • * Not smelly or greasy.

  • * Naturally sustain the healing process until the repair has been completed.

  • * The perfect any tissue mending mission.

  • - Get back in action FAST with BST Repair.

  • - Don't Freeze your ankle, HEAL it.

  • - Reduces visible bruising after impact.

  • - Speeds recovery after surgery.

Dissipates the Bruise:

Soft tissues injuries such as bumps and bruises rupture the very very small capillaries that supply blood to our skin, muscle and tissues. The bruise is an indication of the damage to these capillaries being healed. Yet, it is important to the long-term healing of these bruises that the small clots which make-up these bruises are removed. The small clots block the flow of vital nutrients to the cells and healing factors to the region. One of the many functions of Bruise Strain and Tear Repair is supported by Arnica Montana. This wonderful herb contains enzyme that slowly and carefully dissolve micro-clots and return the healthy flow of blood and lymph to the damaged tissues. Applying BST Repair to a bump or bruise within the first few hours can even keep an un-sightly bruise from forming. On an existing bruise, it will break up the black and blue coloration and speed the flow of healing constituents to the region.

Relieves the Discomfort:

Soft tissue injuries such as bruises, strains, sprains and tendon/ligament tears can be very painful. Yet, the pain is an important signal to the brain telling it that there is damaging needing to be repaired. This is why it is very important never to use anti-inflammatory pain-killers to mask the pain of a soft-tissue injury. This inflammation process is critical to getting the tissue repaired. Analgesic pain killers like aspirin and Acetaminophen are the best pain killers to use. In BST Repair, we use White Willow bark, Arnica Montana and Peppermint for reducing discomfort. These are natural analgesics that do not interfere with the body's healing process.

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